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Songs Just for Me is a personalized collection of 12 classic children's songs redone like you’ve never heard them before. Each CD is customized with your child’s name printed on the cover and on the CD and sung over 75 times throughout this collection. New, interactive lyrics teach concepts like safety, transportation, the ABCs, nutrition, animals, colors and even new languages. Just For Me strives to seamlessly integrate each name into every song. Some “personalized” CDs use computers to “drop-in” a name, compromising the sound quality, but Just For Me singers sing every name individually so your CD is truly custom made. Over 1800 names (pronunciations) are available. See below for names list.

Have more than one child? Two or three names can be sung on one CD! Just choose the number of names you want when ordering. There is a $5 charge for each additional name.

This product is Canadian made.

Price: $23.00

Songs on CD: (click on the title to hear a sample)

  • If You're Happy And You Know It...
    Sung to a Latin Beat, this song fuses English and Spanish lyrics and makes a great introduction to the Just for Me collection.

  • My Bonnie
    With its soft Reggae feel, this song is all about games, toys, sports and other fun activities.

  • O Suzanna
    Here is a fast paced introduction to the ABCs, as always including your child's name in every chorus!

  • Bingo - sample not available
    No kids' music collection would be complete without this classic, clap-along tune about that famous dog.

  • When the Saints Go Marching In
    Here is a great introduction to all sorts of different musical instruments. "Oh When Ethan... Plays in the Band!"

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  • Alouette - sample not available
    Sung in two languages, this classic folk song has been reworked to be a lesson in the parts of the body as well as an introduction to French.

  • Three Blind Mice
    This fun tune has been reinvented as an ode to fruits and vegetables. Dare we compare apples to oranges?

  • This Old Man (Nick Nack Paddy Wack)
    This NEW man will throw listeners for a surprise as its search for colors takes us through cool jazz amd rock'n'roll.

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Here, that famous spider takes your child on a trip to the zoo. What animals will we see today?

  • Row Row Row Your Boat - sample not available
    A boat isn't the only type of vehicle we try on this Hip Hoppin' exploration of transportation. As always, your child is invited along for the ride.

  • Hush Little Baby - sample not available
    In this first of two lullabies, carefully placed at the end of the CD, your child takes a magical flight through outer space and around the milky way.

  • Rockabye Baby
    This simple lullaby closes the Just for Me CD. As with all the songs on this collection, your child is sung to by name as he or she (hopefully) drifts off to sleep.

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Remember, any spelling of a name can be printed on the cover and CD. Don't see the name you want on our list? Just For Me is constantly updating their name list so if you don't see your child's name, email us and we'll be sure to ask them to add the name at their next recording session.